Back on the 5:2

We’ve had a lovely summer and although we’ve not been over the top there have been meals out and meals while travelling and meals with friends. Now as the days get a little cooler and there’s beginning to be that end of summer feel in the air, we’re back on the 5:2 diet, five days of eating sensibly and two days of fasting – well restricting what we eat to about 600 calories ( a few more for my husband because he is so tall!)

Firstly a large cup of tea, no milk Earl grey for him, lemon and ginger for me, then the slimmest yoghurt we can find plus for my husband a scattering of fruit, a tiny sprinkle of chopped cashew nuts and that’s it for me; I only eat sparingly in the mornings but my husband likes a little more so:

Photo0535[1]Toast quattro stagione – baby tomato and ¼ Laughing Cow spready cheese ( 5cals for cheese) parmesan and basil leaves, cheddar and a smear of mango chutney, comté on its own. there was less than a teaspoon of finely grated cheese on any of the triangles, which was not a full slice of bread. There was no butter/margarine/spread… that was it!



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