September song

I love words… and I love the words of songs… well, obviously not all lyrics, some set my teeth on edge and despite a wonderful melody I  will be put  off , just because of the words. Conversely, a so-so melody can be carried for me by the beautiful words.

Some people don’t like September because it’s the end of summer and the beginning of nights becoming cooler, then days becoming cooler, and nights becoming longer and days becoming shorter… and winter approaching… But I like September. I suppose I associate it with going on holiday as we always went on holiday the first week in September when I was young. I like blue September skies which seem different form other times of the year – even though blue is blue! I like the feeling of snatching something back when the weather is warm and like summer, even though summer has gone, and I like the little crispness there is in the morning air. September can also be a little melancholy, summer romances fading.


Putting together those two things, beautiful lyrics and September feelings brings me to a song which I really love, with a wonderful melody and matched with wonderful lyrics. Things I cannot change…


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