Last lap…

I seem to have been editing ‘Flipside’ since Noah was a lad; it didn’t start off to well… I’d written it quite a while ago, and it was set in the early nineties. I started work on it, the usual pruning and paring, slashing at the overgrown sentences, cutting back on the rambling descriptions and the out of control conversations, trimming it back… when i discovered that half of it was missing. Luckily I had a hard copy so I spent a frustrating (but I guess worthwhile) time copying out the story. Once it was all complete then i had to go through my usual processes, reading it, checking it, reading it out loud to myself, checking it, reading it again, checking it… checking little things to make sure there were no anachronisms (I luckily realised I had someone fighting in a war which did not take place till half a dozen years after the story was set!)

I ma so nearly done now; I have to sort out the chapters and make sure they work – I decided on one of the rewrites to split it into four parts as there are definitely four distinct series of events, so I  just need to make sure that they hang together. I need to check that it is set out correctly, to do the front page, to do the copy-write page, the dedication and other bits and bobs. For the last couple of novels I’ve published I have included the first chapters of the next one… it seems this is what people do these days! So I need to include that… and then I have made some references to Norse and Celtic myths and Arthurian stories too, so in case my readers aren’t familiar with them I thought I would include a brief summary of those stories.

Nearly there… nearly there… I’ll be giving you a publication date soon, but before then I might give you a couple of excerpts from the story  to see what you think! 

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