Double Act… or A Strong Hand From Above?

Some time ago I mentioned that I had been thinking of a novel I wrote years and years ago, ‘A Strong Hand From Above’, one of my first ‘proper’ novels which my friend Wendy very kindly read; she made a comment about a particular character who and the ending of the story, that if this character had done something it would have been much more dramatic and unexpected. I wimped out, I liked the character too much, I couldn’t have him doing something so mean… but after years and years of writing, and working at my writing, I realised that Wendy was right.


After my revelation I wondered if ‘A Strong Hand…’ might be a good follow on from ‘Flipside’ and many people encouraged me to go with this; however…. however, ‘The Double Act’ is complete and although it will need a lot of work to tidy it up and knock it into publishable shape, it will not need a major rewrite as ‘A Strong Hand…’ will. I am really excited at the prospect of working on ‘A Strong Hand…’ with its new, and I hope shocking ending, but I really would like to clear the decks of ‘The Double Act’. I like ‘Double Act’, I like the characters, a bunch of women in their thirties who have been friends since they were at infants school together, and their husbands and partners; it is a novel which starts of very light, and gradually becomes darker, until the end which is (I hope) really exciting and dramatic. So it’s not that I think ‘Double Act’ is less important than ‘Strong Hand’, (it is actually a better novel) but I want to make ‘Strong Hand’ as good as I can.

It’s heading towards the end of September, and the months leading up to the end of the year are always busy and hectic; this year I am going to be starting teaching my creative writing course, I am going to try and write a novel in a month in November for the national Novel Writing Month –

– and of course there is wedding anniversary, son’s 21st birthday, husband’s birthday… oh and Christmas to think about! Oh yes, and I want to keep writing my blog!

So I think I feel confident now, I’m going with my decision to publish ‘The Double Act’ next, and ‘A Strong Hand From Above’ in the spring!



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