Growing up, I was the only person I knew called Lois; my aunty had it as a middle name, and my great-grandmother was the ‘original’ Lois, but she died in 1930… long before I was born!! When we moved to the west country when i was 16, there was another girl lower down the school called Lois, but I never knew who she was. Many, many years later when I moved to Oldham, there was a local police officer called Lois, but I didn’t meet her either. Then when my daughter was small she met another lovely little girl who became her best friend (BFF, as they say) and her middle name was Lois. There is a Lois club In Canada, which has a branch over here, but, although I’ve written to them I ‘ve had no reply so maybe they aren’t very active any more.

The first other Lois I came across was Lois Mitchison, who is the daughter of the writer Naomi Mitchison; she wrote a novel, ‘Gillian Lo’, find about a half Chines woman who went through the terrible purges in China following the revolution. I found it very disturbing and upsetting, but it was a very good, an excellent book. Lois Duncan and Lois Lowry, who both appear on the top 100 banned books:


Lois Duncan is an American children’s author who was born in 1934; she writes horror and mystery stories, but by a tragic happenstance, her own daughter was murdered and the murderer never found. Lois started her own investigation and believes it was a Vietnamese gang who was responsible, however the police believe it was just a dreadful random drive-by.

Lois Lowry is another American children’s author, born in 1937; she too has suffered a tragedy when her son was killed in a  plane crash, a fighter plane he was flying.

Lois Smith is an American actress, who gave a mesmerising performance as Dr Iris Hineman in my favourite film ‘Minority Report’.

I know there are many other Lois’s out there… I have yet to meet one face to face!


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