The scarf

A true story

Sula loved scarves, and although she didn’t often buy clothes – and in fact was not that interested in fashion, she often bought a scarf if the colours, or the pattern or the fabric appealed to her. She was staying with her cousin Jenny who lived near Norwich and they went into the city to wander round, looking at the market, the shops, the castle, and art gallery. They had got off the bus and walked through a little maze of streets to get to the market and went into a shop which sold bags and scarves.

Sula saw a beautiful scarf, very soft, very fine wool; it was white with lime green splashes of leaves and maroon blobs of flowers. It was gorgeous; the lime and maroon were exactly the right shade to compliment each other and it was just lovely. Sula resisted the temptation, and the cousins continued spending their pleasant day together. As they headed back towards the bus stop, Sula deviated back to the bag shop and looked again at the scarf, and this time she didn’t resist but bought it.

Sula loved her scarf, it reminded her of the happy day she had spent with Jenny and she loved the colours and the soft feel of it. She didn’t wear it very often, but when she did she admired it all over again.

Spring came and summer followed, warm and lovely; there was no need for coats or jackets or gloves or scarves. Summer drew to an end but still it was pleasant and mild. Sula met up with a friend one day for coffee and noticed that her friend Marcia, who was very fashionable, was wearing a scarf similar to hers but tucked into her coat so it wasn’t properly visible. Perhaps she should have said something like, ‘What a lovely scarf, I have one very similar to it,’ but her friend was telling her about a problem she had and it seemed a trivial comment to make. They sat together for a while and Sula kept sneaking a look at the scarf; it was exactly like hers… surely there couldn’t be two the same, the one she had was made in Italy and had been a special purchase by the bag shop lady, who had said at the time that she would never see another like it.

What a mystery. Marcia was lovely, kind and extremely generous and a good person too… When Sula got home she went to her pile of scarves and looked through them…. she couldn’t find her scarf from Norwich… she must have mislaid it somewhere…



    1. Lois

      Well, that is the end of the true story… unresolved, but I really think that actually I… oops I mean Sula, left the scarf somewhere and it was picked up quite innocently and not recognized!


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