My creative writing group…

It’s countdown until my fist meeting with the group I’m going to be leading as their creative writing tutor… They are all adults, all doing it just for fun, no exams, no other reason to write than just the pleasure of doing it. I am getting a little bit of… shall we call it first night nerves, although the class will be held during the afternoon in my house!

I wrote them a little letter:

I’m really looking forward to the first meeting of our creative writing group; we will meet at 2:15 on Monday 14th October..

Some of the group who have previously worked with Marilyn will be bringing pieces they have written on the subject of ‘Change’; if any of our new friends would like to bring some of their writing, on this or any other theme, I’m sure we would all love to share it. I suggest that much as we would enjoy hearing each other’s work, because we have limited time, we keep our contributions fairly short. I welcome suggestions of what you would like to do in these sessions; I have lots of ideas, but really would like to respond to what you want as well! Since we are a creative writing group, I suggest that to start with, maybe we could think about why we write, and who we are writing for!

If any of you have any longer pieces of work you would like me to look at or offer comment on, I shall be very happy to do so. You can email this to me, or give it to me at the meeting, and I’m always very happy to discuss and talk about writing! If you have any questions at all, or any suggestions or ideas, then please let me have them… preferably before our first meeting!

Looking forward to seeing you and happy writing,


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