Old remedies

Having just read about  the amazing properties of blackberry vinegar, I was chatting to my friend Seamus and he was telling about the amazing properties of cider vinegar. Seamus is an amazing man, looking ten years younger than he is and with the energy and enthusiasm of someone ten years younger.  He has worked hard all his life and now he has stepped back from work he is enjoying his retirement and still keeping himself fit physically and mentally.

He had been a little troubled by a seasonal cold which he was fighting off with cider vinegar; he takes a couple of teaspoons every day in cold water anyway, but he’s taking it in the evening before bed while he has his cold. He told me he used to have the odd arthritic twinge and the occasional painful gout in his joints. Since taking the cider vinegar he has had no more problems. I’ve done a little investigation and apparently it is also good for digestion, hiccups, colds and flu, swollen joints, and even more serious complaints such as type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. I’ve no idea whether it is true, but Seamus is certainly convinced it is helping him.

We talked a little more of these old remedies, and he said his late father had dozens of similar folk recipe, including one which involved boiling some cloves of garlic and then steeping them in whiskey (Irish of course) I can’t remember what this was supposed to help… but it was apparently very effective!


  1. Carl D'Agostino

    Old Sicilian women’s children remedies: Castor oil. If that does not work, olive oil. Light 3 candles at head of bed(Trinity’s blessing). Scrub child with Octagon soap( cures everything including broken limbs). Put hot onion in ear and wrap head in bandage. Wear garlic necklace. Rub Vick’s on bottom of child’s feet(draws out poison and evil spirits). Shot of anisette every 6 hours(I was an alcoholic by age 6). Beat the child every several hours with large wooden salad spoon until he stops fooling around and gets better. Then threaten to drown him.


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