National Novel Writing Month… November… I have signed up to the challenge of writing 50,00 words in a month… my novels are usually longer than that so I have no expectation to actually write a whole novel… but can I even write a decent chunk of a novel? 50,000 whole words…

  • I need to get to grips with my story about the Radwinter family and what happens when they try to find out where their family comes from – combining my interest in genealogy, my love of mysteries, and plenty of characters.
  • There is the mysterious beginning of a story I found which I have no memory of writing, or even any idea of where it might be going… a lonely man is wandering around a river estuary then goes to the pub… that’s it.
  • There is a recent idea I have of two friends driving along a motorway when suddenly the driver sees something, swings over to the hard shoulder and jumps out and runs back along the carriageway and vanishes…
  • I’m wondering whether to use this as an opportunity to write in a different genre… dare I try something historical, would I get bogged down with  panic about being accurate or anachronistic? Could I wrote a fictional account of the mysterious love affair of my great-grandparents, Louis and Lois?
  • … or a more recent historical novel could be set in the seventies based on my own life but made much more exciting!
  • … a truly different genre would be steam punk which I have only discovered about two weeks ago but have never read (it’s a type of science fiction featuring steam-driven machines…)
  • Fantasy seems to be fashionable, and I have read some I enjoyed, but there is such a lot of it out there, and some of it, sub-Tolkien is really rather awful and very clichéed
  • …or should I just wait until November 1st and see what happens?

I will keep you up to date… success, or failure, I’ll let you know!


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