NaNoWriMo… I think I have an idea

Three more days until the start of national Novel Writing in a Month starts… on November 1st. I’ve  been mulling over various ideas… and there are quite a few promising thoughts which have been turning themselves over in my mind. I really do fancy writing a story in a different genre from usual… but not his year, I don’t think I’m well enough prepared. I did think about waiting until Friday and seeing what happens… but I have a fear nothing might happen, or drivel might happen, so I have a plan.

I am going to attack my story of the Radwinter family; the family want to explore their roots and a new fiancée is an amateur genealogist and sets to the task… I have already written a couple of practice chapters, but that is what they are, practices because NaNoWriMo is all about writing, not cheating by starting it early. So I won’t look at what I’ve written, except what is stored in my head and I will start afresh on Friday.

In preparation I have been doing a little research; I think the original Radwinter will have come to England from Europe in the 1830’s; there was plenty or turmoil on the continent to drive a young man away to start a new life in somewhere relatively stable like England… I think he may have come from the edge of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in what is now Poland or Russia or the Ukraine… I have been looking at various places, and making a few little plans, no actual writing, no cheating, just research!

I’ll let you know how it goes… but of course I might abandon this and start something completely different on Friday!


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