The thing about English pubs…

We strolled down to the Dolphin tonight at our usual time, just after 10p.m. and unusually it was fairly empty. A friend of ours, Mick was sitting at the bar with another man, an elderly gentleman who I had seen many times before but never got in conversation with.  Mick was talking to the old gentleman so as we arrived we were drawn into the conversation.

A pint or so later, Mick had to leave and we were left with the other man and got into conversation with him, which we’d never done before. It turns out that he was a navy man, and had a lot in common with my husband, a love of the sea and an interest in ships and sailing. Because he was older than us, his experiences were of former times. were really interesting. We talked of whaling, sailing, inland waterways, rivers and sea travel.

Then we got on to talking about cricket, another passion of my husband’s and our new acquaintance. We introduced ourselves and continued our chat over several pints of estimable Otter Ale until at last time was called and we had to leave. What a pleasant evening, and a new friend!


    1. Lois

      So true, Neil… our landlord and landlady work really hard to get people into the pub, without spoiling the pubby-ness of it, but it is hard for them,and because we’re a small village they can’t afford to be as cheap as some of the town pubs.
      I really think there ought to be more help for keeping pubs open, they are really important, aren’t they, and as you say, where else can we meet interesting people?


      1. neilirving

        We live on a very small ex council estate and the pub should be the centre of the community but it is struggling to stay open, I have neighbours who have never even been in the place


      2. Lois

        Sounds similar to where we lived in Oldham… empty pubs in communities… then I guess people would moan if they closed. people have to support their pubs, don’t they!


      3. neilirving

        I grew up with the pub being the centre of the community and I’m still friends and do business with people I met in the pub over 20 years ago, don’t think my kids will have that, also years ago if I needed a plumber or electrician I knew I could go to my local and find one, lol who needed the yellow pages


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