A long time since I chuckled out loud at a book

I’m reading the second book in the PC Grant series by Ben Aaronovitch, ‘Moon Over Soho’; it’s really difficult to describe the stories, as they are police procedurals but the unit is fighting the powers of magic and witchcraft, aided by the river gods of London… sounds a little fanciful, but the first in the series, ‘The Rivers of London’ was a galloping good read, keeping me up till the early hours, and so far, ‘Moon Over Soho’ is even better. Aaronson has a lovely turn of phrase, and I’ve found myself reading bits out to my husband, who laughs appreciatively because not only are they funny, they’re true!

This is one of the characters: “The pianist, Daniel Hossack, as a classically trained music teacher at Westminster School for the terminally privileged. He had receding blond hair, round Trotsky glasses and the sort of sensible kindness that probably led to him being savagely lampooned by the spotty wits of the lower sixth – that’s Year 12 in the new money.”

This is a description of the British jazz scene: “There’s always been a tradition of po-faced seriousness about the British jazz scene, and a kind of chin-stroking ‘yes, I see’ roll-neck-jumperness to the fans – my current company being a case in point. Judging from the punters in the queue, that old tradition was not The Management’s target demographic, bling-wearing, switchbalde- carrying jazz…”

I have a great admiration (and a little envy) for someone who writes in such a natural way, is so funny, and so very, very skilled a story teller


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