NaNo 4… inspiration!

Things have been going quite well so far with the writing a novel month, (NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month) I’m not being boastful, but I’m quite proud of the progress I’ve made with the story of the Radwinter family. However, as usual, my stories suddenly veer off in different directions which is exciting and interesting for me… I don’t like planning too much, I feel restricted and I like to have flashes of inspiration which suddenly take the story off in a whole new direction, or a new character suddenly takes wing and blazes across my fictional sky!

My main character Thomas, goes to visit his brother and meets his new fiancée Ruthie, who is baking some shortbread and gingerbread when he arrives. That was all it was going to be, just so she was doing something and there was some activity in the scene as well as a lot of chat of people introducing themselves, and characters being explained. In another scene, Thomas and Ruthie meet and he asks about the shortbread and suddenly there is a whole new theme about food and cooking; Ruthie tells Thomas (and me) that she came into  some money, took a year off and went travelling and now is doing some freelance cooking, writing a food blog, and doing some on-line articles for food sites.

Today, after my voluntary teaching, I went back with my friend who runs the class and over coffee she told me about a place she had visited with her daughter. They went to a person’s house who does cookery demonstrations in her own home for parties of twelve only; she cooks a three course meal, two starters, two mains and two desserts, and some veggie things too. She demo’s it, talks it through as her twelve guests sit round watching, giving a cookery lesson in fact, and then the guests go through to the dining room and eat the meal and enjoy a glass or two of wine… sounds fab, doesn’t it? And it sounds just the sort of thing Ruthie could do! This would let me write about cooking and food, and would add an extra dimension to the story.

If you want to see the place my friend went, have a look here… it’s idyllic!

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