The first NaNo week

It’s my first ever attempt at the National Novel Writing Month challenge, and the first week has flown past; I am really excited about my writing (time will tell if I’m really pleased with it!) I first found out about NaNo last year, with only a couple of week to go before the competition started and although I was tempted to try it, I wasn’t mentally ready and I was doing other things as well. I wondered if I would remember to enter for it… well, luckily I did and I joined a month or so ago and so have had that time to think about what I was going to write.

I had a few ideas:

  • I need to get to grips with my story about the Radwinter family and what happens when they try to find out where their family comes from – combining my interest in genealogy, my love of mysteries, and plenty of characters.
  • There is the mysterious beginning of a story I found which I have no memory of writing, or even any idea of where it might be going… a lonely man is wandering around a river estuary then goes to the pub… that’s it.
  • There is a recent idea I have of two friends driving along a motorway when suddenly the driver sees something, swings over to the hard shoulder and jumps out and runs back along the carriageway and vanishes…
  • I’m wondering whether to use this as an opportunity to write in a different genre… dare I try something historical, would I get bogged down with  panic about being accurate or anachronistic? Could I wrote a fictional account of the mysterious love affair of my great-grandparents, Louis and Lois?
  • … or a more recent historical novel could be set in the seventies based on my own life but made much more exciting!
  • … a truly different genre would be steam punk which I have only discovered about two weeks ago but have never read (it’s a type of science fiction featuring steam-driven machines…)
  • Fantasy seems to be fashionable, and I have read some I enjoyed, but there is such a lot of it out there, and some of it, sub-Tolkien is really rather awful and very clichéed
  • …or should I just wait until November 1st and see what happens?

I decided to go with my Radwinter story, which to be honest I have been thinking about a lot, and had made a couple of little attempts at scribbling stuff down; so on November 1st I plunged in by the main character introducing himself. Since then the story has taken over my life! it is almost an addiction, certainly an obsession, and I’m pleased to say that I am well on target… and I have found the whole thing exciting, and thrilling!

So… back to the typeface, and back to the search for Radwinters in nineteenth century England… and Poland… or is it Russia?!



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