Whispers Underground

As a reader there is nothing quite as delightful and exciting as discovering a new author (new to me I mean) reading and enjoying a book by him or her and then finding there is another book in the series… and there is not much better than finding the second book is even more enjoyable than the first… and then, good heavens! There is a third in the series, and what is more it is even more gripping, exciting, funny, interesting, informative, enjoyable (fill in your own words now)…

I read a book be Ben Aaronovitch called ‘Rivers of London’ which was literally magic (read it and see what I mean!)


Having enjoyed ‘Rivers of London’ I quickly went on to the next novel by Aaronovitch in the series, ‘Moon Over Soho’ which was quite terrifying in places (in a good way) and laugh-out-loud funny:


Now I have, with regret finished the third in the series. ‘Whispers Underground’; like the two previous books it is a police procedural with a difference, the police unit in this instance investigates strange stuff, ghosts, magic, vampires, the sort of paranormal/fantasy/fairytale scenarios which would usually be in a different genre. The story line is intriguing; it starts with a phantom graffiti artist (he actually is a ghost) and then goes via an American murdered with a piece of broken pottery, to the underworld…  I don’t want to be more specific or it will spoil the many surprises.

Like his other books Aaronovitch is a very funny writer, and once again i was chuckling as I read, and sharing some of the funny parts with my long-suffering husband who was reading about ship-building in the eighteenth century. Whether you know London, where the stories are set, or whether you don’t, there is also a mass of information about the great city, and its history and culture,and the changes in it over the couple of thousand years it has been on the banks of the Thames. The factual information is woven seamlessly into the narrative, so the reader is informed as they are entertained. I finished reading the book knowing a lot more about the slums of London and yet i did not feel I had been hit over the head with great chunks of fact. Brilliant writing!



PS I’m about to start reading the next one, ‘Broken Homes’!


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