Looking for family

One way to ‘find’ lost relatives is to go searching round old churchyards, which I have done in Littlehampton looking for my ancestors, and in London looking for my great-grandfather. I was very moved when I found him.


In my story about the Radwinter family in search of their ancestors there is a scene I have yet to write in which Thomas Radwinter visits the local cemetery. When I was out and about the other day, I took some pictures of random graves, thinking that I might use them in my descriptions of what Thomas found. Even though I do not know the people who are resting here, I found it quite touching to read the inscriptions their children had carved on the stones.

PUXTON 30.11 (51)

Sadly this grave has not stood the test of time; there must have been something upon this plinth, and there must have been some inscription. The statue has gone and the writing is indecipherable.PUXTON 30.11 (54)

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