Squashing it in

I’m about 80% through my new novel Radwinter, the first draft that is, and I hope to have it finished by Christmas, so once the festivities are over I can start editing it. I have come to the point where I’m beginning to draw all the threads together, but it seems as if there is going to be a lot of action over a short period of time… between December 18th and Christmas Day.

There is exactly a week between December 18th and 25th, I can never forget this because my husband’s birthday is the 18th, a week to the day before Christmas. In my novel the legal firm where the main characters Thomas and Kylie work , has its Christmas party, following that Thomas has a showdown with his wife, mainly concerning their arrangements for Christmas Day but also their marriage, he has a meltdown in his office where he speaks his mind to the partners of the legal firm, he comes across an old man who has a significant rôle in his past, he learns the truth about his eldest brother, he finds the connection between a man who has the same name as himself who was born in 1815 and came to England in 1832, and he opens his heart to Kylie, which surprises him more than her… all this in a week!

It might seem as if it’s being crammed in, that all these events are being squashed together, but it struck me as I was writing it, that Christmas is a busy time for family reasons, and for work reasons… there is always a terrific push to get things ‘done by Christmas’ as if everything is going to start anew after twelfth night, and it also a time which should bring joy, happiness and harmony to families, but sometimes, sadly the reverse happens.

Christmas is also a time when emotions become unlocked, which can be nice if someone declares their love for their beloved… which might happen in Radwinter, but can also be disastrous if someone declares the opposite!

I hope that when my story is complete, the festive period and the events I describe will not seem rushed and confused but a natural and understandable climax to what’s led up to it!



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