Too sentimental?

The new novel I am writing is about four brothers who  are in search of their ancestors and they conduct an enormous amount of research trying to trace their roots. However, it seems a pretty boring story just following their genealogical research, and almost without thinking about it, the main character from whose view-point the story is told is developing his own storyline.

He has been happily (so he thinks) married for about ten years, but as he begins to record his research, he also begins to chart his everyday life, and I  hope it will become apparent to the reader, that his wife is not happy… and may even be having affair. He is busy tracing his ancestors lives and their travels from Essex to Surrey to Hampshire and beyond, and his wife is  becoming too close to her co-manager of an old folks’ home.

So far so good… but I’m beginning to think I’m straying away from the past, from his ancestors and their lives as brick makers, agricultural workers, umbrella makers, license holders of a pub, and drift into his romantic relationship with a young woman he works with…

Time to take stock and do some firm editing!


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