As I’ve mentioned a few times… I’m writing a new novel, not editing an old one, or redrafting something even older, but creating something brand new… and it is a completely new writing experience because I am now free to write all the time, I have no day job. Because I have worked so hard editing the five books I have published on Kindle, and because I have also been writing this blog here every day, I feel a more accomplished writer, and there is more continuity in my creativity.

Although some of the novel refers to things which happened in the past, in the nineteenth century, the action is set in the present so I’m able to write about things which are happening right now, for example the vile weather, and on a more serious note, the political problems in the Ukraine at the moment. I have just written a scene when the main character is going home, slightly drunk, with his wife after a family party. He’s not very happy… many things are going wrong, some things are falling apart… but at the same time some things are going very right and there may be new and happier things ahead.

Much to his wife’s annoyance, he begins to sing ‘Human’ by the Killers, “And sometimes I get nervous when I see an open door… Close your eyes, clear your heart, cut the cord…”


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