As one bottle empties…

Last January, after a magical couple of days in Glasgow with dear friends and the wonderful Mavericks, I bought a bottle of my favourite whisky, Highland Park. Sadly, after sharing it throughout the year with my beloved, it became empty, but I kept the bottle as a souvenir of a fabulous time in Scotland.

To my delight and surprise I won a beautiful Highland Park polo shirt… and then to make things perfect, one of my Christmas presents was a bottle of Highland Park!

My dad was a great philosopher and he said some very true things, which may seem obvious or even trite, but it doesn’t alter the fact that they are true. He would often say, when I was met by disappointment, or failure or things went wrong, as one door shuts, another opens.In my gloomy times I used to mutter to my self, as one door closes, another one is slammed in your face… but I think I wasn’t opening the right doors!

I have adapted his saying now, as one bottle empties, open another!

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