Looking back… January, February, March, 2013

2013 has been a simply splendid year! It kicked off brilliantly with my friend Elly from the Netherlands coming to stay in January, and then together we flew up to Scotland  where I met my cousins who I’d not seen for over ten years, and our two friends Hannah and Jenna. Why did we fly to Scotland? To see the Mavericks! We saw them in Glasgow, they were supported by an amazing band called Black Diamond Express. The gig was fabulous… perhaps the best I’ve ever seen but then afterwards we were lucky enough to meet the band in a bar afterwards… a dream come true… really, a dream come true!



DSCF2728February… a cold month, but never mind! I continued editing the novels I had written some time ago, and published ‘night vision’:

NIGHTVISION… and listened to the best CD I’ve heard for a long time:

in time… and came to the conclusion that Raul Malo is one of the most talented people in modern music.

in time1March… another cold month but signs of spring but I spent a week on an urban retreat… staying in my own home, but spending more time meditating and thinking…

The Dharma Foundation Course

… and it was the first anniversary of my blog!cropped-heading-pic.jpg


  1. david lewis

    Looking back I seem to be an observer of what has happened to me in life rather than the person who actually lived it. I cant be alone in this feeling I think. Its sort of like an outer body experience not scary though and a new phase in life. They say with dimensia the last things you are capable of, is playing music and singing .As if these are the last things your body and brain want to give up. I think when that time comes I will sing Those were the days my friend and Whats it all about Alfie………For what its worth


    1. Lois

      I definitely have that sort of feeling on many things which have happened to me… and it leaves me feeling rather puzzled! Sometimes though experiences remain real… but annoyingly, those I would most like to remember so clearly are the ones that are fuzziest!


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