Shepherd of the woods

I’ve written about this man before,a shepherd we encountered in a lovely wood in the Netherlands this summer. I asked him if he was fattening the sheep for market, but no, he – or rather they, were keeping down the plants which otherwise would have invaded the woodland floor. He had three dogs to keep the sheep from straying, and he was arrayed with all sorts of tools and things he might need for keeping the sheep.

he was a fascinating man, a gentle man, educated and softly spoken… one day he will be in one of my stories… at the moment he is just wandering in Camel Wood, my fictitious woodland which crops up in many of my novels.

Another man who is yet to appear, but will one day, maybe when I write a different sort of novel… being adventurous with a different genre…  is this mysterious man:

There was this strange man...

... and so was he from head to toe...





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