Looking back… October, November, December…


A visit to London to see the ‘Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum’ exhibition at the British Museum… and we travelled by coach and arrived early enough to wander around a little and take some photos and have a little lunch at a charming pub called the Plough. The pub was right in the heat of Belgravia, almost opposite the museum and yet it was unspoiled and really felt like an excellent ‘local’… good, well-kept beer too!


More beer at a groovy place called Brew Dog… unfortunately I was driving so I only sampled sips… next time, next time…!!!104_2018

Dungeness is a strange but magical place! I had never been before, but I would love to go again:DSCF4099

This is my third year of teaching English conversation, and it’s just as much fun! Here we were doing speed-chatting, rather like speed-dating but without the date!Photo0610

We visited a fabulous exhibition in Salford Museum and Art Gallery by Sarah Greaves:DSCF6004

We had such fun… and so many tastes at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham… a whole world of cheese:Photo0654[1]

The annual family party with my four cousins, I think the party first started in 1955… Father Christmas has been a busy old chap, he’s visited us every year!DSCF6137

At last… a visit to Radwinter, the name that inspired my new novel!


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