Nearing the last words

I am so near the end of my Radwinter story… it is the early hours of Christmas morning and there has been a crisis in the lives of the main character Thomas and his wife Rebecca, a terminal crisis… and I must say I’m rather glad; I am getting a little fed up with Rebecca, and although Thomas won’t yet admit it, so is he… and she is definitely fed up with him!

I have Christmas day panned out for the characters, and I hope I have mislead the readers into thinking something, deceiving them, so that when the last page comes there will be an unexpected conclusion… not an unrealistic conclusion, a believable end to the story, but something which will come as a surprise. Thomas has been exploring his family’s past and has gone back to 1815; however it is the more recent past, and events surrounding his own birth which I think will be the greatest shock to him, and  to the readers too!

To a certain extent the ending will be left open so the readers are able to imagine how Thomas’s life proceeds, because in reality there are no definite stops, events just flow on; a marriage is not a conclusion to a situation, it is the start of something new, similarly a separation may be a welcome relief but it opens the doors to a new life… and I hope the readers will be pleased to be free to  imagine Thomas’s life after the conclusion.

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