Being a pub person

I have a dear friend who I have known for about six years… she’s the sort of person I can imagine would have been sitting with me on the back row in class when I was at school, being quietly disruptive. She’s the sort of person I can imagine getting into all sorts of scrapes with when I was at college in the 70’s, or going clubbing with, or being mischievous in our carefree thirties… but we only met half a dozen years ago, so we just drink wine, gossip, talk about books and blokes, and have a lot of laughs… and our husbands seem like brothers separated at birth (think Arnold Shwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in ‘Twins’)

One of my natural environments is a pub, preferably the Dolphin, but really any pub… not every night, and not to have more than a couple of pints of good beer, but a pub where you can feel at home, sit comfortably or stand at the bar, meet interesting people, gossip and chat… in general have a pleasant and interesting evening in a place which in some ways seems an extension of home. To my surprise, I have found that my friend doesn’t like pubs… What? Why? What’s wrong with pubs? How can she not like pubs? I was talking to her about this and said if we ever move house, one thing which will be on the top of our list to consider with a new home will be how near is it to a good pub! She looked totally baffled… we both laughed, and she poured me another glass of wine!

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