Hot cross buns… already?

We are only just into the new year, still the first half of January, Easter is late this year and there are hot cross buns in the shops already! I get so infuriated by the cynical marketing of seasonal items months before the date of whatever we are supposed to be celebrating… things lose their significance and their specialness. What’s special about hot cross buns if you get them all the year round, they are supposed to be eaten on Good Friday… I wouldn’t mind if they appeared in the shops a couple of weeks before, so you could sample them and decide which baker bakes the best buns, but three months? I expect there will be Easter eggs on sale soon, oh and why don’t we have fireworks for Guy Fawkes night… and while we’re at it, let’s have Christmas decorations and mince pies in the shops now… there are only eleven months till Christmas, let’s buy them now!

cLet’s have our 2014 Christmas cake now!



  1. Bill Hayes

    Those Hot Cross Buns are for 2015 surely!

    Did you know that in London, Tooley Street there nis a shop called the “Christmas Shop”m and you can get anything chirtmassy all year round (jolly useful for my business the film and photography trade) but I really can’t understanmd who else would use it.

    Happy Halloween!


    1. Lois

      Good heavens, Bill! Actually, you mentioning that reminds me that there is a Christmas shop in Cheddar (actually in the Gorge) which is open all year round – I’d quite forgotten!
      Oh and Happy Halloween to you too!


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