Carrot and orange or carrot and coriander?

With my new-found soupy prowess (although I still haven’t quite got the texture  and consistency sorted , the flavour is fine!) and with our new order for Riverford Organics delicious vegetable boxes, I am branching out into all sorts of new flavours. We had a few carrots left, and a new box of vegetables due to arrive so  for lunch we decided to have carrot soup. Decisions, decisions… should we have carrot and orange? Or should we have carrot and coriander?

The answer was easy… carrot, orange and coriander! It looked fine, it smelt fine, bust sadly the orange rather overpowered the herb, so another time I will have less orange and more coriander! I do think that some of the coriander does lack flavour… I wonder if Riverford Farms grow it?! I must enquire!

And tomorrows soup will be:



      1. tinasrabbithole

        Hmm. It’s mostly the herb, and the reason is weird.. the smell and taste reminds me of the smell of the green little larva that I used to climb trees to catch as a kid. And I wouldn’t want to eat those…


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