A surprising evening

As a volunteer teacher I have to undergo some training on safe-guarding procedures, as I could be working with people who are vulnerable because of their lack of English… It’s not just me who has to do this, we all do, but I huffed and puffed about it, I’ve been a teacher for thirty years blah blah blah, but then I thought, actually why I should I be singled out as not having to do it, so I unhuffed and unpuffed and went along to do the training this evening.

First of all I had been told the wrong venue, so I turned up early, and then had to drive across town, but luckily because I was early, I arrived in time for coffee. I sat next to a lady who turned out to know my daughter from when she was in the Brownies (my daughter, not the lady!) and a man who was a good friend of a friend of mine… the evening looked a little more promising.

The course was run in a modern church, a very modern church which had a huge, very tall ceiling, I swear I could see clouds floating between the floor and the lights… the walls were covered in some sort of cladding so instead of it being echoey, the sound was deadened, which meant we couldn’t hear the speakers… But then we all shuffled our chairs forward, the speakers moved their flip-charts  nearer to us and raised the voices and all could be heard.

… and surprisingly, the evening was really interesting! The speakers were very good, and at half time we had more coffee and Christmas cake! It just goes to show, you shouldn’t always be reluctant to do anything because sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised!


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