That funny stage…

I’ve got to that funny stage with my novel Radwinter. It is finished, I have edited it and checked it and read it out loud to myself and now I’m in something like limbo while I ponder on my next move. In the past I would be setting a date to publish it on Kindle and doing the editing such as page breaks, chapters, notes etc….

But… but, this time I really feel as if this book would stand a chance of being published; it has a theme – genealogical research, it has a subsidiary theme, food, it comes to a definite conclusion with what I hope will be a satisfactory and unexpected revelation, plus (thank you, Isabel) a final chapter to wrap it all up and tie up a couple of tiny-weeny loose ends. I could see a potential audience as anyone interested in family history, and as it is set in the present (it concludes in the last few days of 2013) it seems (to me) to have a relevant ‘hit’.

The problem is there is a whole vast world of publishers and agents… and I have had no success in the past with either, I have been let down by both and wasted a lot of time because of promises and assurances. I have been on sites where you post your work and give and accept criticism to and from others, with the assurance that when you get enough positive comments a publisher might look at your work… but again, it seems to me, luck plays an enormous part in this and these sites involve a lot of time, reading others work, commenting, and reviewing… time which could be spent writing. I have no contacts in publishing or media, no connections… no personal links…

So… I think I might spend a while ringing and emailing publishers, just test the responses… and then I think I will publish Radwinter  on Kindle… available to all who have one or have the app!

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