Exciting news!

You’re reading it here first – I have decided after much pondering and research to publish my novel through Kindle Direct Publishing and it will be available from Amazon next Friday, the 14th February – oh wait, that’s St Valentine’s Day! Yes, on St Valentine’s day, Radwinter will be there waiting, so if you have a beloved who has a Kindle this could be the ideal present!

In case you don’t know, Radwinter is a story of a family who wants to trace their roots, as many of us do, on genealogical sites and by doing internet research. It follows the main character, Thomas Radwinter, as he goes back to the 1841 census for the village which bears his name, Radwinter, in Essex. This is a real place, but my characters are fictitious. The story follows Thomas’s search, the more he finds out, the more he considers his own family and his relationship with them, his wife, and his brothers and his cousins. His search takes him on a virtual trip east across Europe, from Harwich, to Portsmouth, to Gdansk, to Warsaw, to Lviv in the Ukraine.

DSCF6125I am just doing the final editing, the final checking… and then I just have to sort out the cover and all the admin stuff… and then, then my book will be launched!

All my other books are still available:



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