Staying put in the floods

There are twenty-five square miles of flood in south Somerset… villages are feet under water, and land has been swamped for over a month. Some people have moved out of their inundated homes, some people have been told by the emergency services to move out; however they can’t be forced out, and some people are staying in their flooded property.

What would I do? We have made a flood plan, just in case things go wrong here as we live very near the sea. We would move upstairs, but at what point would we leave our home? You see when there are floods it isn’t just gas and electricity which no longer work, it also the water supply, no fresh water from the taps, not able to flush the toilet or have a shower… it is ghastly to think about.

So why do some people stay on in their property when it is so dreadfully difficult, and must be very frightening… in the winter dark with no power and water rising all around, and more rain coming down… yes, it’s raining again.

There is an article on the BBC web-site about why some people are choosing to stay. One person says that as they are among the last 20% to be flooded, they will be the first 20% to drain… he’s moved his valuables upstairs and he’s sitting it out. Someone else has a friend who came to stay with her pets, driven out of her home, and now she is flooded too; she has a horse and nowhere to put it, she’s in a cottage so can’t get the furniture upstairs and she just seems in a panic as to what to do, poor soul. Another man has his neighbours and their animals living with him and they’ve sandbagged the place, hoping to keep the water out. Someone else isn’t flooded, but everywhere around her is, she’s completely cut off. An elderly couple are staying put because they think they would worry about their house even more if they abandoned it.

I think until you’re confronted with a situation like this, none of us can properly tell what we would do.



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