A week to go!

I mentioned yesterday that if am going to be publishing my next novel through kindle direct publishing as an e-book for Amazon. On February 14th ‘Radwinter’ will be available… I’m so excited, but a little nervous as I believe this to be the best thing I have written… but will others agree? I am proud of all my books, but I think having been working so hard at my writing over the last two years, since being able to do it full-time, and practising my craft by blogging here on WordPress, and accepting the challenge of National Novel Writing Month, I feel that my writing has got better and tighter.

If I was asked what this book has that my others haven’t, I would say it has a very clear strong voice, it has humour, it has interesting information about searching for family history, and following an ancestor’s journey; I would say  that there is a strong story-line, interesting and realistic characters, and a real surprise at the end! I don’t want to mislead my readers, but I think they may begin to guess how the story will end, and I think they may be wrong! At the same time I hope it is a satisfactory finish to the novel, which ties up all the loose ends, and pulls the plot together so the story is complete. At the same time, I think the reader will be left to imagine what happens next in the characters’ lives, which I always enjoy when I read other novels.

So… February 14th!



  1. mariathermann

    Just take critical comments on Kindle and Amazon in your stride, should you get them – you can’t please everybody, and some people are simply envious and can’t help themselves, they must say something nasty.

    The experts’ advice is not to engage in a mud-slinging match but to thank the reader for the time they’ve spent with your book and for their “insightful” opinion. Apparently, one very well-known best-selling author engaged in strongly worded arguments with readers on Amazon and they banned his books for several weeks/months, so he lost out in sales two-fold, firstly because he was banned by Amazon and secondly, because potential readers were put off by his strong reaction to reviews. Keeping my fingers crossed for your successful book launch:)


    1. Lois

      Oh, thank you that’s so kind! And thanks for your wise words! I’m wondering who the best-selling author is now!!

      Are you safe from all the bad weather, by the way?


      1. mariathermann

        It’s been the worst weather so far – nearly got blown off my feet; the storm turned rain drops into bullets! Everywhere is just so waterlogged, it’s terrible. Even by Welsh standards, this has been horrendous. How about you?


      2. Lois

        We’re in north Somerset so although we have had tons of rain and everywhere is saturated, at least we haven’t got the floods the poor people in the south of the county have. We are very near the sea but the defences are good… so far!


  2. anne54

    Lois, you have already achieved so much! I remember when you were beginning the book, and here it is on the (virtual) shelves. You are so dedicated that I am sure your books will be in the E section of the real bookshops. Good luck!


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