Rain… and now the wind

For weeks we have been lashed by rain, and much of the country,our county of Somerset, the Thames valley, the Severn Valley,other areas of southern England are inundated, literally inundated. Farmers are having to move and even sell their livestock, their fields and pastures up to ten foot deep in filthy, polluted water; businesses are ruined as stock is fouled by the flood, homes are devastated, roads and streets are damaged and wrecked… it is a disaster.

And now gales have come; winds of over 100 mph are battering the country and ‘red warnings’ as well as sixteen severe flood warnings have been issued. As a result of the wind around 87,000 homes in Wales and more than a quarter of a million in Republic of Ireland have been left without power. In south-west England 3,000 homes, in the West Midlands 13,000 homes ,10,000 homes in Cheshire, 5,500 homes in north Shropshire and 2,500 homes in the Wirral are without power. Trains can’t run, bridges, including the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and the QEII bridge over the Thames have been closed.

Even now, the wind is battering the front of our house and rattling our windows, but luckily for us at the moment we are safe and all right… Pity the poor people who aren’t, those who are flooded, those whose homes have been damaged or businesses ruined, or who are in the cold and darkness.

The most awful thing of all is that it is nature, and nothing can turn it off, turn it down or stop it.

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