Three days until my novel Radwinter is available on Amazon as an e-book. Somebody mentioned tree-books, which is a wonderful description of what I think of as real books. It is my dream to have an actual book, rather than a virtual one, but even so, I am thrilled that my work is getting published and reaching people…. Thrilled but nervous too!

I have been quite disciplined in my last revision; I am reading Radwinter on my Kindle; I do it for an hour and then take a break because I want to have awake eyes, not tired eyes trying to spot any little errors.

One things I am aware of, however my manuscript looks on the page I have written, my story looks very different on an e-reader page. I have therefore split some longer paragraphs which would be fine on the paper page, and I have indent some of the information my main character, Thomas finds out in his research into his family roots.

Right, back to work!

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