Carpenter pays the price for waste not want not

I really do hate to  waste anything, perhaps that is why our house is such a muddle because I am reluctant to throw things away! I knew someone once who saved any left-over tea in a Thermos flask… now I do sometimes heat tea up again in the microwave… but he was too ‘careful’ (stingy, tight, mean etc) to use the power from the 30 second burst in the microwave.

We make tea with tea leaves in a pot, and if by accident I’ve put too much water in and we only want a cup each but there is another cup available, then yes, in a spirit of being careful, I pour the spare tea into a mug to be reheated later.

Yesterday I made a lovely big pot of tea, poured out our two fresh mugs and then poured out the extra ready for next time… Yesterday wasn’t a very nice day, cold and windy and the carpenter had come to mend our roof… I think you can probably see where this is going…

I made the carpenter and his mate two fresh cups of tea with boiling water; my husband went into the kitchen and very kindly got the tea for the carpenter and his mate… Yes, I’m sure you have it… either the carpenter or his mate had stone cold tea made two hours previously.

Some time later when I went into the kitchen and discovered what had happened… anyway, the long and the short of it is that my husband made new tea for the poor blokes, up the ladder struggling with roof tiles; nice, hot freshly made tea (but he did take the sugar out in a bowl… it was raining…)


  1. A Bryant

    I had a loveley piece of Cherry blossom tree that I picked up to use as gun grips but I wasn’t paying attention and put a cut in the wrong place and ruined the whole piece.
    That was depressing 😦


  2. david lewis

    I used to take soup to work in a thermos once.A blond girl I worked with asked what the thermos was for. I replied that it kept hot things hot and cold things cold. The next day she came to work with a thermos of her own.I asked what she had in it. Two cups of hot coffee and three scoops of ice cream she said.Go figure!


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