Swimmers’ dance

I used to be a swimmer, that was my sport. I belonged to a club in Cambridge called Granta (after the river of that name) and I represented my club, my school, and my county… but sadly never my country. My mum once mentioned to me the funny little dance that swimmers do… I’m not sure if they still do, far to professional for that these days!

I thought about the swimmers’ dance today at Tai Chi, while I was waiting for the class to begin. I was shaking my arms in a sort of way I have only ever seen swimmers, it’s difficult to describe but it’s a rapid rotation the wrist as your arms hang by your sides, so the muscles all up your arm shiver and your fingers flail about. at the same time there is a little dancing from foot to foot, tiny little steps so your feet hardly leave the floor and there is a sort of jiggling motion, loosening the muscles in your legs, back, shoulders and neck.

I wasn’t consciously doing my little dance, I just suddenly realised I was, and remembered back to standing on the end of the pool, waiting to go into the water, and ready to race.


  1. david lewis

    How about a video of you doing the dance with some Mavericks background music. You could start a new craze. It could go viral. This is your time. Grab it!


  2. Isabel Lunn

    Yes, I was also a swimmer on the school team, but never on the county team and I know exactly what you mean by rthe swimmers’ dance. Not only did it loosen up the muscles and get you ready for racing, it was also a kind of ritual.


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