Thinking Day

When I was  Brownie the special day of the year was February 22nd which was Thinking Day. If the date fell on a week day you could wear your brownie uniform at school, and similarly for Guides (and I guess Cubs and Scouts) it was the same. In those days when uniform was rigorously enforced at secondary school it was quite something to see someone wandering around in pale and navy blue and not bottle green.

Now it is called World Thinking Day… I suppose we have moved beyond the parochial especially with the access through the different media to distant parts of the world. When I was Brownie the only way to get an insight into another country at an ordinary level was to have a pen-friend, and I had many of those. I was horrified at the age of about ten to read from my friend in Maryland what she as a little girl of the same as age as me was suffering because of the colour of her skin.

February 22nd was the birthday of the founder of the Scout Movement, Robert Baden-Powell, and also his wife Olave Baden-Powell. It is a day members of the Guide movement think of their fellow Brownies and Guides across the world, and I seem to remember that when the date is mentioned, or talked about, the Brownie or Guide should tap her head and look thoughtful… I’m not sure that girls still do that, it might be misinterpreted! I seem to remember from when I was  Brownie (that made more impact on me than the Guides which I left after a few months) that on Thinking Day being thoughtful should include being thoughtful in action, so not only should mental good wishes be sent round the world, but kindly, loving and helpful deeds should also be done. That sounds like a good idea to me!


  1. david lewis

    I was in the boy scouts and our motto was {be prepared} and for the world of me I couldn’t figure out what I had to be prepared for. My dad was a little more succint when I left home as he told me that{ it’s a jungle out there }and{ send us a postcard when you get a job}. Now that really hit home. I had so many different jobs that I ran out of ink to write home!


  2. david lewis

    I came to Canada when I was 10 years old from Old Trafford Manchester UK. Joined the boy scouts at 12 where I learned the motto to be prepared. A friend of mine told me his daughter was a brownie and their emphasis was to share. Left home at 17 worked all over at many jobs but eventually went back to college. At work they put stickers on our locker doors simply saying WHAT IF. I guess thats akin to BE PREPARED! I had a very technical and dangerous job and so I guess both mottos applied. It must of sank in as I’m still around.


    1. Lois

      What if… I like that! great motto! I don’t think you would recognize Old Trafford now, so much of it has been pulled down or disappeared under new roads. I still love Manchester when I visit though! I used to live in Chorlton, and worked near Trafford Station for a while…. they have trams back now.


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