Hint, hint!

In my novels I like to have a surprise at the end, but I want it to be a believable surprise, I want it to fit in with the rest of the novel, and even when it is revealed I want my readers to think, ‘Yes! Of course!’ To that end I seed my plot with little clues and hints, which I hope will not give the game away but will, if the reader remembers them, add credence to the conclusion.

In my novel ‘Radwinter, Thomas is wandering round the shopping mall rather unhappily, wondering what to get his wife Rebecca for Christmas; he sees a bottle of ‘Oh Lola!’ by Marc Jacobs; it is very pretty and it is pink, Rebecca’s favourite colour. However Thomas is not sure she would like it and it is very expensive, so he decides against it. later in the story he sees she already has a bottle.

“I nearly bought you a bottle of that perfume yesterday… just as well I didn’t,” she gave me such a strange look; I wondered if she thought I was being critical for spending so much. “I’m glad you treated yourself to something nice, you deserve it, you work so hard.”

Big clue…, hint, hint, hint!

Radwinter is available on Amazon


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