Tuesday, Tuesday

A couple of Mondays ago I was thinking about how many songs had the word ‘Monday’ in their title, or were about Mondays. I can understand that as Monday is the beginning of the week, and for many people the first day back at work after a weekend, that there may be lots of things you could sing about Mondays. I was surprised when I investigated quite how many songs there were about Monday, and I began to wonder if there were a similar number about other days of the week.

Tuesday, what could be significant in a general way about Tuesday? For most people it is the second day of the week, although in some countries it is the third. The name comes from Tiw’s day, Tiw being a northern god of battle, especially single combat. Tiw is sometimes spelt Tîwaz, or Týr  and in old English Tiw’s Day was spelt Tiwesdæg. Interestingly, many other countries also have a warrior god giving a name to this day, but it is the Roman god, mars, whose day becomes Martedì, Mardi, Martes, Dimarts, Marți, Martes, Martis  or Marti in various languages. Other similar names to Tuesday from other languages are, Tirsdag, Tiistai, Tisdag, Tiisdei and Týsdagur.

For me Tuesday is teaching English conversation, practising French conversation, and quiz night at the Dolphin!

So back to songs; obviously the first which springs to mind is the Stones classic ‘Ruby Tuesday’, but there are others and I have to say I can’t recall any to mind even though some of the songs are by very well-known artists; Everything’s Tuesday – Chairmen Of The Board, Love You Till Tuesday – David Bowie, Sweet Tuesday Morning – Badfinger, Tuesday Afternoon – Moody Blues… and others including Stevie Wonder and Metallica…. and then of course is the band called The Tuesdays:



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