Mental wanderings

My new novel is brewing… and this means that my mind is constantly not with me but elsewhere… Driving through beautiful Somerset yesterday, there were times when I was elsewhere and came back to being in the car and wondering where we were… Ubley? But I thought we were in Sandford (two Somerset villages not far from Cheddar) Or I was going though an exercise set on the Wii and found I had completed it… but what happened to the middle part? The reason I didn’t notice the drive from Sandford to Ubley, or the middle part of the exercises was that my mind was with my characters, pondering on what they were doing, how they were behaving, and puzzling how to put an extra dimension into my next book, Magick.

I know the bones of the story will be the search for the maternal line of the Radwinter family, starting from Sylvia Magick their mother. I know that Thomas Radwinter who is doing all the research will be asked by a neighbour to investigate the disappearance of a grandparent, and that Thomas will also come across an intriguing set of very old cookery books and maybe a photograph album. I know that Thomas will have to come to terms with the end of his marriage, and the exciting but challenging new relationship… but its the weaving of these strands together, and deciding what is the warp and what is the weft of the novel…

So if we meet up, and I drift away halfway through a conversation, don’t be anxious that I have some mental difficulty, I am wandering in my mind, to be sure, but it is a deliberate path!


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