Lost… my cake mojo

I have always thought I’m pretty good at making cakes… in general my cakes are fine, whether they are chocolate, fruit, plain sponge… they always seem to look good and taste good… but recently I seem to have lost my touch.

I think it may have started last year on the family holiday when I thought I would make a carrot cake; it didn’t work. I put it in the freezer and made another to take away for the family… I ended up throwing it away. I’ve had another couple of disappointing bakes since then so I decided that this year I would make an easy-peasy ginger cake. It looked good, it smelled good, but when I opened the tin to ice it… it was wet… what had happened? I had a good look at it, decided it was just ‘moist’ and put on a nice lemon frosting. It actually didn’t taste too bad, as long as you got a nice outside edge… the middle was soggy, well, actually it was more than soggy, and then would you believe it the frosting got mould! What? Disaster! I’ve never had that happen before so into the bin it went. I had also made some really simple sponge buns, no-one can go wrong with buns… I must have beaked hundreds if not thousands of buns in my time… so I just don’t understand why now suddenly even my buns were failures…

Next year I’ll make a chocolate cake, or maybe some biscuits for the family holiday.

sThis cake was perfect… as was the cake in my featured pic, so where am I now going wrong?


  1. david lewis

    I think it has to do with that yellowish fog that you said descended upon Uphill. Next thing you know you won’t want to go to the Dolphin. There is something devious at work here. Sounds like a biblical plague. A glass of wine might help.


  2. tinasrabbithole

    Maybe you need to switch ingredients out in your cupboard? 😛 No, I don’t know. I’m totally retarded when it comes to Scones. Follow the recipe to the point – no luck. They’re always flat and hard. I think there might be something to this whole ‘mojo’ concept…


  3. david lewis

    Lois, my wife thinks there is way too much moisture in your house and or your flour. It’s not surprising with the amount of rain that you have had.Try buying or renting a de-humidifier and let it run for a couple of days. When you said there was mould on the icing that gave it away.


    1. Lois

      I think she’s right… I also have realised that we now have large eggs, and I’m wondering if some of the old recipes would have used medium eggs. I must admit I have never had mouldy icing before! perhaps my love of lichen is not such a good thing!!


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