Name that tune!

Pub quiz tonight, not the Dolphin, but the other super pub in our village, the Ship. The quiz is quite different from the Dolphin’s and includes a music round. Now wouldn’t you think with a team of six, one of which has been rocking longer than the stones, and every other loves music, and as a wild card we have a Dutch person on our team, wouldn’t you think we would do quite well? It’s a really good round which goes from 1960’s to the present and every genre of popular music…

So how did we do? Not that good, in fact, pretty badly, in fact we were rubbish! In the music round you hear an intro and from that have to identify the artist and the name of the song. I was so proud I got The La’s, I thought I had done well identifying The Moody Blues – except it was there lead singer going solo, Justin Hayward. I thought I had got ‘Walking in the rain with the one I love’… except it wasn’t. And my other team members had similar false memories and amnesia. We only got 9/15… rubbish!

However, it really didn’t matter, we enjoyed ourselves, had some nice beer (Butcombe’s and Wadsworth 6X)

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