The trouble with a good book…

I have just finished reading ‘Broken Homes’ by Ben Aaronovitch, the fourth in his ‘Folly’ series. The books follow the investigations of a team of London police officers, but these are policemen and women with magical powers… it sounds strange, it might even sound silly, and although they may be strange they are not silly, but great reads – strong interesting characters, intriguing plots, pace, action, mystery, and humour.

The first in the series is ‘Rivers of London’ which introduces the characters and the set-up; it’s followed by ‘Moon over Soho’ and ‘Whispers Under ground’ which is my favourite. I enjoyed them all so have been looking forward to the latest, ‘Broken Homes’. It has some really fascinating plot-lines about German architecture, social housing, as well as the magical and wizardry aspects; it kept me gripped and I galloped through it to find out what was going to happen… and that is the trouble with a good book! I read it far too quickly, carried along by the excitement of it, and then feel as if I’ve missed bits. It was the same when I read ‘The English Passengers’ by Matthew Kneale… I had to reread the last chapter because I missed the vital last clues!

I will have to go back and re-read’ Broken Homes’, but I think I might read the whole series again. I enjoyed it, as is obvious, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as ‘Whispers Under Ground’ and there were certain things which seemed unresolved or unexplained when I got to the end… and I’m not sure that was just because I had read it quickly… So… it will definitely be reread… but I can hardly wait for the next book in the series, there was a real cliff-hanger ending!

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