Fish and chips… chips and mackerel?

A special treat for dinner tonight, fish and chips, and where better to get it from than the Dolphin chippie. Our pub the Dolphin serves proper chip shop fish and chips on a Friday evening, and it’s always good!

Tonight we were late going down to collect it and by the time we got there, well after serving time, they were kind enough to cook it for us specially. However, they had run out of fish, so nothing daunted they improvised – and what a sensational result! They battered and fried smoked mackerel fillets! We absolutely loved it! The flavour of the fish was super, and with the smokiness it was just brilliant. If they put it on the menu as a regular thing then whoopee! We shall have it again!

Thank you Dolphin!

A nice pint! Cheers!

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