I always try to be on time for appointments, setting off really early just in case something happens on the roads, tractor, herd of cows, burst water-main, or something happens to me or the car, get lost, break down, need a coffee… or anything totally unexpected that might happen.  I won’t say I am never late, because I do tend to lose track of time, or get diverted by something, but I honestly would say for anything such as seeing the doctor, dentist, financial adviser, I am there on time. I am sure most people are the same.

So when I go to an appointment,  and I arrive early, and I sit in the waiting room and see signs all around me telling me how much is wasted on people being late for their appointments, and the minutes then even the hours tick slowly past, asI am kept waiting…  it is sooooo infuriating! This afternoon we made an appointment for 3:15; we arrived at 3:00. We were seen at 4:20… there was an apology, of course there was, but it would have been nice if when we arrived we had been told that everything was running late, or even could we come back in half an hour. We could have sat in the car listening to the radio… It would have been nice if after we had been sitting for half an hour, someone came then to apologise to us and keep us updated on when our appointment was likely to be. It would have been nice if we had been offered a cup of tea or even a glass of water.

There were other people waiting too, including parents and little children… It just seems as if manners and politeness and courtesy don’t always go both ways when it comes to appointments!

PS If my dentist is reading this, I don’t mean you! I have never had to wait to see you or any of the other dentists or hygienists at the practice!



  1. A Bryant

    The sad fact is that with the ever increasing levels of stupidity and selfishness appointments will only get worse.
    Mind you, my last hospital appointment was done and dusted before I was due to enter.
    My worst time is 1 and a half hours sitting in a hospital waiting room to see a doctor.


  2. david lewis

    Smart phones and computers are partly to blame as they have depersonalized the world. So has socialized medicine. We are just numbers and statistics that just happen to have a face. Memories of Big Brother.


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