You never know where it will lead

I have published six novels through Kindle Direct Publishing, and many people have been kind enough to comment on them. I have had quite a few requests to write sequels, people want to know what happens to characters at the end of the story, what happens to them after the last page. In my five first books, the last page really was the last page for the reader… but not for my characters because they continued their stories in my imagination, and quite often I continued to write the different things that happened to them.

A novel is a complete thing, and I like to finish with a conclusion to the events which have been unravelling; there is usually some puzzle explained, some truth revealed, maybe  some exciting twist to the plot – although I am always really careful to keep these twists and surprises within the context of what has already happened, and to be believable; I seed the novel with hints and clues, so if ever a reader went through my book for a second time they would realise that the ending was well-signalled, but I hope signalled subtly enough for it to be unexpected.

So why do I keep writing after the end… I guess it is winding down, like a runner or swimmer might after a race, run a slow couple of laps, or swim a lazy couple of lengths, to wind down. However, with writing the story is there, in a physical form, and sometimes things I have written for one set of characters, can be applied to another character in a new book. So for example, in the book I am writing, Magick,  now which is my first ever sequel, there is an incident which happens between two people who are beginning a new relationship… I actually wrote a very similar incident happening between two other characters who had got together at the end of a different book.  had written a private ‘wind down’ so although the readers of that book were left wondering how the new relationship might develop, and how their lives together as a couple might pan out, I wrote it for my personal interest. Now I am using some of those ‘wind-downs’ in Magick… That’s the thing with creativity, you never know where it will lead!!

If you are interested in reading my novels you will find them from the link below. I really welcome any comments about my stories!



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