Magick cover

I am about halfway through my next novel, Magick, a sequel to Radwinter… and I have come to that boggy stage where I seem up to my ankle in words and can’t seem to step forward… I know I will get over it, I know in a couple of days I’ll be back on track, but in the meantime, I’m already thinking about a cover for it,and to be honest, I have absolutely no idea!

With my first novel, Farholm I had an idea of an image taken as if underwater and looking up towards the sun, seeing it through the surface of the sea. Loving Judah took a while, but then I found a photo I’d taken of some statuary in a garden which looked almost like a memorial gravestone; as the book was about a couple dealing with the death of a beloved child, this seemed very fitting. The Stalking of Rosa Czekov gave me lots of ideas, someone watching, or someone peeping out from behind something trying to see the stalker… in the end a close up of an eye which seemed to be looking through slats of a blind worked well. Night Vision was inspired by a stunted tree growing out of a cliff face, so using a photo of the tree was perfect. Flipside was a little more tricky, but I wanted a random jagged picture, so I played about with a photo of some graffiti and although the font wasn’t quite right, it was the best I could do. Finally, Radwinter… I thought something wintery would be apt, and looked at various snowy photos I had, and some were in Iceland. There was  one of a some old whale bones, and as part of the story concerns soldiers fleeing defeat it seemed very appropriate.

Now Magick… utterly stumped at the moment, but no doubt something will suggest itself!


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