No such thing as writer’s block?

It’s not me that said that there is no such thing as writer’s block, but Alan Bennett. It’s hard to believe that he is eighty, he doesn’t really look it, nor sound it, and his work is as vibrant, relevant, engaging… and so on, as ever it seems to me. In an interview recently he said that all writing is writer’s block, and he goes on to say that writing is about sitting here, at the table, looking out of the window and trying to write. However, glancing back over other interviews with him and articles about him, I came across something from the Guardian in 2001 when he mentioned he had difficulty writing for five months, however it seems that there may have been other reasons for him not being able to write at that period.

I have to say that sometimes I have had to really force myself to write, and even knowing that what I was writing was poor, I just pushed myself to keep going… and later looking back over whatever it was, I couldn’t always tell which were the ‘forced’ parts; in fact sometimes the passages I had written which had flowed most easily and beautifully were the parts which I cut out as being rubbish!

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