Yeovil Literary Prize

Once again I’m entering a writing competition, one I have entered before. This is the Yeovil Literary prize which has been running for eleven years; there are three categories, novel, short story and poetry. The judges are Elizabeth Buchanan, Mavis Cheek and Annie Freud for the different categories, and the prizes range from £1000 for the novel, and £500 for the short story and poetry. I shall be entering the novel competition and I will have to submit 15,000 words including a synopsis of an unpublished novel.

I’m going to send in the first couple of chapters of my novel, Magick, it’s another genealogical mystery, following on from Radwinter, my last and so far most successful novel! Magick is the story of Thomas Radwinter tracing his maternal line back to find his family tree… but of course he finds much more than he bargains for! No rags to riches or riches to rag stories, but something which might be what someone in real life might discover about their ancestors. Radwinter traced the break-down of Thomas’s marriage, Magick follows Thomas in his new life with a new partner and her child, and the difficulties and joys of a new relationship.

I will let you know how I get on in the competition, but it is such a prestigious event, that I’m not really expecting success, but ever the optimist, I’m hopeful!

If you are interested in the prize, look here:

If you are interested in reading Radwinter, and find out what Thomas learns of his family’s origins, you can read it as an e-book:


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