I have to write a synopsis of the novel I ma going to enter for a competition… and what a tricky thing that is! My novel Magick which I am going to enter for the Yeovil Literary Prize, has so many different elements. On the one hand it is the story of a young couple,Thomas and Kylie who have just started living together; she has a young son, he has just come out of a ten-year marriage which turned toxic. They have both been made unemployed, although she is now working part-time, so there is the pressure of their financial situation. The other theme is family history; Thomas is researching his mother’s side of the family, to see where the Magicks come from. However he discovers that there is a mystery in the relationship between his mother and his grandfather… something went wrong between them and cruelty, brutality and revenge cause a ripple effect right down to the present day. The third strand is a search for a missing girl. A friend’s daughter went missing fifteen years ago, and knowing that Thomas has discovered a lot about missing relatives, even if they were from previous generations, he is asked to find the lost daughter.

It is difficult t make it sound interesting,  and exciting… and as I haven’t actually quite finished the story, I’m not sure what the end will be, and what might be revealed by Thomas’s researches! I feel as if the synopsis is quite crucial to the entry to the competition; it’s not just how good the 15,000 words that I submit are, it’s how the momentum of the narrative, the plot, the characters and action an be maintained!


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